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About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Ivan Ropero born in Tarragona and currently living in Terrassa, I'm a videogame and cinema fanatic, game developer and someone excited to learn and work with people in the video game industry. I consider myself a person who likes to work as a team, open to new experiences and eager to learn everything I can. My main goal right now is to have the opportunity to work as a game programmer or QA in a video game studio.

My Specialty

My Skills


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Degree in CITM-UPC center at Terrassa, Spain.

Currently in the last year of the degree, 2017-2021 promotion.

Higshcool in La Salle Tarragona. I've been all my life in that school from 3 years old to graduate higschool with 18 years old.

My Projects

My Projects

Soul Keeper

Soul Keeper is a singelplayer action game where you are the DEATH, and need to kill and reap souls to keep your soul lantern alive. Your main goal is descend by the elevator to the hell, reapping as much as possible souls from the creatures that will appear you every floor. GameJam link: https://optus23.itch.io/soul-keeper

The Witcher: A Bard's Tale

In this game players will take the role of Geralt and Yennefer, on their quest to rescue Ciri. The game will introduce a series of “relics”, objects that when grabbed, will improve one of the existing combos (making it stun, do fire damage, etc.). By shifting what combos do in each game, the player will be incentivized to use different combos, which in the long will traduce into knowledge of what each combo does. The player will end up mastering its character, each time being able to complete their adventure with faster times and better scores.


Yu-Ghi-Ar is a AR cooperative mobile game made with Vuforia in Unity. The main goal is beat your oponent in a paper-rock-scissors kind like game where you choose your element dragon and then show it. In the next phase a random game will appear, the fastest and most clever player will take the round. Win three rounds and beat your opponent!

Final Fantasy Mystery World

Final Fantasy Mystery World is a dungeon crawler rpg with microturns, where you have to follow the main history branch. Your objective is save your friend from the claws of a misterious monster that has kidnapped him in the world of Final Fantasy, there you will also have to save the villagers that live there.


IAntz is a top-down resoure management game, where the player is owner of an anthill and the objective is to make that place the greatest ant colony. Defend it from enemy ants that want the collapse of the anthill, maintain the Queen to perpetuate the future of the colony and construct new rooms and expand the base to make a stronger home for the ants.

X-Multiply Tribute

This is a tribute of the arcade game X-Multiply launched in 1989 by the Japanese company Irem.

Amazing Engine

AmazingEngine is a 3D Game Engine created by Didac Llop Serna and Ivan Ropero Garcia, using C++ and the OpenGL and other major libraries. The Engine is an assignment of one of the subjects studied in the videogames degree of CITM.
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